I don't know exactly why I've written this page... if you're a psychologist, please let me know your opinion!
Perhaps I've written it as a challenge or, more likely, because I'd like to share my interests, particularly Esperanto and Swahili.
I learnt Esperanto when I was sixteen, and I've got a degree in Swahili at the Institute of Oriental Studies of Naples (Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli).
I'm also interested in computing, although my degree is in Mechanics!
I'm not "professional" in any of these fields, but I've produced a little (very little!) in each of them: I've written some essays on/in Esperanto as well as on/in Swahili: and some computer programmes. I know Basic, Assembler and Pascal, but I've been programming in Clipper since 1991:
Now I'm translating some of them to Visual Basic or Visual C++.

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